How to Include More Stone in Your Landscaping

Landscaping with stone, or stonescaping, has many uses. Not only can using stone for your hardscapes serve a practical purpose, it can also add much beauty and interest to your yard. Dry stacked or mortared, real stone or faux rocks, here are some ideas for you to implement: Path - This is one of the most obvious uses when you think of stone, but you're not limited to one stone after the other. Patterns and colors can all come into play to make it original. Bench - One solid slab on a strong base gives you an instant bench. Tuck it in the trees for an element of surprise. Outdoor Kitchen - This can be built with stacked flagstone or perhaps river stone on the face of it. However it's done, the beauty will be as pleasing as the kitchen's function. Patio Area - Again, you can choose from many designs and stone to make your patio interesting. Have fun with it. Retaining Wall - Create a half wall for your needs and have the added benefit of another area for people to sit. Fireplace - Fireplaces are not just for indoors, having one outside will warm you on cold evenings and also add value to your home. Steps - Flat rocks, nicely spaced, make great steps along your path to other parts of your garden. Pool Grotto - Live in a hot climate and have a pool? Consider adding a stone grotto on one end for a cool place to relax. You could even add a hot tub, bar and TV inside. Pizza Oven - Yum! An outdoor pizza oven will make your yard the most popular with all your friends. DIY or not, every home should have one. Amphitheater - Maybe you have a big plot of land and you can dedicate some of it to the arts or education. Table - A big stone slab table will make you feel like you're in Tuscany or Provence. Just add a trellis with some grape vines and the vision will be complete. Bird Bath - If you've got an unusual stone with a dip in the middle, it can spend the rest of its life as a watering hole for the birds. Waterfall - A sloping bit of land might call for a waterfall. Use lots of stones or one big slab at the top for the water to fall over. Sculpture - Stones lend themselves well to sculpture. Use your imagination plus real stones or faux. Firepit - If a fireplace is too much for you, build a simple raised firepit. Or drop it in the ground. You can pipe it for gas or use real wood. Pond - A pond lined with stone couldn't look more natural or appealing. Goldfish and koi will love you. Lampposts - Make a statement at your driveway entrance with stone-enhanced lamppost bases. They can work in other places too if you scale them to fit the space. Decorative Edging - Perhaps you only want small doses of stone. Consider using stone to edge your lawn. Stone makes a nice contrast between the green grass and your beds. Raised Beds - Typically you'll see these built from lumber, but raised beds built from rocks look more natural. Stream - This can be a totally manmade stream or you can curb a natural flow. Rocks and boulders help hold the bank and topsoil back and create visual interest when combined with the flow of water. Maze - How fun would this be, to create a maze with stone walls? Bridge - Use a big flat piece to get you from one side of your stream to the other. Kids Climbing Rocks - Got adventurous kids? Give them some boulders to climb on and over. Planter - Can you picture a rock planter with beautiful flowers spilling over the sides? Manmade "stone" would probably be your best bet. There you have it, many ways to enhance your yard with stonescaping. There are more not covered here and you're only limited by your imagination.


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